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After Dinner Blend
A blend of dark roasted and full city roasted Central & South American coffees.

Almond Amaretto
Enhanced by the toasty essence of fresh roasted Jordan almonds infused with sweet, succulent almond liqueur.

Banana Foster
Ripe bananas with sweet caramelized brown sugar and a hint of rum paired with the finest Arabica coffee.

Breakfast Blend
A medium bodied blend of South and Central American coffees, with dark French roast added to create a delicious eye opener. Smooth, rich and wonderful!

Butterscotch Toffee
Creamy and smooth with a hint of warm, sweet notes and a pleasing aroma.

Caramel Kiss
Arabica coffee flavored with the creamy, toasty, buttery rich flavor of caramel to create a taste sensation in a cup. Delightfully luscious!

Chocolate Raspberry
Flavored with the tantalizing combination of rich, creamy chocolate and the juicy, tangy taste of vine-ripened raspberries.

Cinn Ful Nut
The perfect balance of pleasantly spicy cinnamon, toasted hazelnuts and the wonderful creamy flavor of vanilla combine with fine Arabica coffee.

Columbian Pico Dark
A delightful, dark-roasted South American coffee displaying a rich, bold body with smoky notes and low to medium acidity.

Creme Brulee
The flavors of this incredibly delicious dessert; creamy, caramelized double vanilla custard is infused with the finest Arabica coffee.

French Roast
Unique blend of beans roasted to a dark reddish brown color creating a shiny surface on the bean. Full body, flavor and aroma with light acidity.

Golden Southern Pecan
The nutty flavor of Georgia pecans infused with the essence of rich, creamy vanilla creates a souther flavor combination.

Harvest Spice
A delectably aromatic combination of hazelnut and pumpkin spice.

Hawaiian Kona
100% authentic Kona beans.  Light and smooth body, complex flavor and aroma.

Hawaiian Macadamia
Delightful sweet creamy coconut and luxuriously rich and buttery macadamia nuts are incredibly delicious together.

A flavor that embodies the toasted sweet nutty character of Oregon hazelnuts.

Holiday Spice
A delectably nutty aromatic combination of hazelnut and pumpkin spice.

Irish Creme
The infusion of the pleasantly warm flavor of Irish Whiskey topped off with the taste of freshly whipped cream.

Italian Espresso Blend
This classic Italian roast uses 100% Colombian beans roasted to a very dark brown black which brings a natural shine to the bean. Ideal for making espresso and espresso based drinks.

Jamaican Me Crazy
This finest coffee is infused with the richest, sweetest essence of the darkest tropical island rum.

Jungle Nut
A nutrageous blend of rich hazelnuts, roasted chestnuts and toasted almonds covered by a blanket of spiced caramel!

Rebellion Blend
Deep, rich and satisfying. This dark roasted blend of coffees from Sumatra, Mexico and Guatemala will please the most discerning of palates. Full of body and snap, yet remarkably smooth. Great aroma and flavor. Great as an espresso or as a drip coffee.

San Francisco Blend
This blend provides a deep flavor and richness created by combining African, Indonesian and French Roast coffees. A very well balanced coffee with rich body and lively flavor.

White Russian
This popular coffee liquor has all the flavor of its alcohol counterpart without the alcohol or calories.


The rich, sweet and elegant flavor of apricots is infused with a blend of black teas from Kenya, Ceylon, and Indonesia and enhanced with dried blossoms that creates a refreshing cup of tea. Delicious hot or over ice.

This high quality black tea from the Dikom garden in Northeast India creates a fragrant cup which is rich, heavy and malty.

The juicy, sweet and tangy flavor of wild blackberries adds a rich depth this blend of black teas and creates a cup that is refreshing.

Black Currant
Deliciously infused with the flavor of European black currants which adds a delicate tart-sweet plum-like taste and aroma.

An intriguing complex combination of spices creates the wonderful flavor of traditional Masala Chai. Just add milk and enjoy!

Cinnamon Orange
Cinnamon, orange peel, cloves and nutmeg combine to create a rich, deliciously spicy and sweet tasting flavored cup of tea without the sugar.

A rare and highly prized black tea. This second flush from the Risheehat garden is known for its complex aroma and clear, brisk flavor.

Earl Grey
Flavored with oil of Bergamot which adds an aromatic citrus-y, fruity taste. It was a gift to Earl Grey, the Prime Minister to China in 1830.

English Breakfast
A blend of China Black Keemun teas that has the body and flavor to stand up to the English tradition of adding milk to the tea. A wonderful tea for breakfast or anytime enjoyment.

Ginger Peach
Juicy, ripe Georgia peaches with just the right amount of Asian ginger spice add a wonderful flavor sensation to this blend of black teas.

Gun Powder
A green tea grown in the Yunnan district. The leaves are rolled into tight little pellets that resemble gunpowder. The large leaves unfurl to brew a light and clear cup.

Honey Ginger
The exotic aroma and flavor of sweet, honeyed ginger creates a delicious cup.

Iced Tea Blend
Celebrate the warm summer months with this pleasant blend of China and Ceylon black teas that brews up a clear, full-bodied, refreshing iced tea.

Irish Blend
A delicious blend of Indian and Ceylon teas that has more aroma and body than English Breakfast tea. The perfect accompaniment to indulgent desserts. Makes an excellent and full flavored iced tea as well.

A fine Chinese Poochong tea blended with wonderfully fragrant Jasmine blossoms yields a cup with the heady bouquet of a garden in bloom!

From the island of Taiwan, this light, rich, lush yet refreshing tea is perfect with fruits and light desserts. Oolong tea is the traditional tea served in Chinese restaurants.

Pan-Fried Green Tea
The leaves are lightly rolled and dried in a pan over a fire to give this tea a mild nutty and toasty flavor in addition to its complex but light meadow-like taste.

Peppermint Herbal
This wonderful herbal infusion does not contain any tea and is naturally caffeine free. When brewed like tea, it has a delightfully cool and spicy fresh taste that is delicious either hot or cold.

Pine Smoked Lapsang Souchong
The bold leaves of this Formosa tea are coal black and have been smoked over a fire to impart a light but distinctive smoky-tarry scent and flavor. A clear cup with a rich flavor.

The delicious taste of this classic summer fruit fused with black China tea makes an unusually refreshing drink - the perfect complement to a hot summer’s day.

The smooth, creamy rich flavor of Tahitian vanilla combines with this blend of black teas to create a cup that is wonderfully soothing.

Wild Cherry
This blend of black teas is flavored with the vibrant sweet tart essence of wild black cherries. Perfectly balanced and very refreshing.



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